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Journey of a man

“Inimese teekond” (“Journey of a Man”) was an allegorical journey, continuing onwards from the end of the world, which is based on the essay “Pilgrim’s Progress” by John Bunyan, a 17th century English religious thinker. In the production of Anne Türnpu Bunyan was been made to talk of the creative path of both a man and artist, its formation and development .

Group work, which tells us about the journey of a man and creator, gathered again together several actors, who graduated from the Higher Theatre School in spring 2004 and stage-producer Anne Türnpu. According to the initial idea into the company were first of all icluded these actors, who due to theatrical – political medley became freelancers after the graduation of the school. From this also the name of Türnpu’s project – Sine Loco, Without a Place. Mainly with these actors Anne Türnpu started to work at the text of John Bunyan.

Actors included Mart Koldits (Tallinn City Theatre), Eva Püssa, Märt Avandi (Rakvere Theatre), Ott Sepp, Kristjan Sarv and Marin Mägi.

Anne Türnpu (1963) graduated from the Higher Theatre School in the speciality of acting, but has worked during the last 15 years mainly as a stage-producer. The creative handwriting of Türnpu is a rare example of continuous and stable attempt towards the archaic and ancient structure of theatre. By today has Türnpu staged in Tartu Children’s Theatre, Rakvere Theatre, Von Krahl Theatre, Puppet Theatre and elsewhere almost 30 productions, many of which are based on the folklore heritage of different nations. Topics, around which Türnpu’s productions wind themselves, are multi-layered. The producer mainly deals with the relationship between man and universe, joint features and differences of cultures and just with storytelling. Songs and dances are often parts of her productions.

The production was a joint project of NO98 and Sine Loco.

Directed by Anne Türnpu
Scenographer Liina Tepand
Choreographer Taavet Jansen
Lighting design by Airi Eras

DJ Tarrvi Laamann

Opening night 11 March 2005

Photos: Meelis Veeremets. Fotode kasutamiseks palume pöörduda