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Two suns

Muinasjutud / Kaplinski  / Noormets


Jaan Kaplinski, Estonian writer, poet and philosopher, has over many years translated fairy tales. These are stories from South America and Siberia, from Estonia and Venezuela. They are most bizarre: funny, playful and phantastic. These fairy tales explain us why there is fire, why do people have shadows and how animals got their asses.

When meeting the actors and the producer, Jaan Kaplinski explained his interest towards fairy tales as follows:

When I was a child, I always dremt about fairy tales being true. For example: that I can really be invisible. Later I got to know Uku Masing, Estonian philosopher, who knew all kind of stories very well. Better than almost anybody in the world. He gave them also to me so I could read them. I was and still am very fascinated about this strange fantasy and exceptional symbols. There are no princesses, no kings, no three sons. I also believe that those ancient stories tell us something most important. That the life is not about owning as much as possible, but about giving and sharing. All children and adults as well should from time to time read some of these stories.

The stories are brought on stage by Andres Noormets (Endla). Scenography by Ene-Liis Semper. Actors are Kristjan Sarv, Tambet Tuisk, Gert Raudsep and Jaak Prints.

The production lasted appr. 50 minutes.

The production is both for children and for adults.

Photos: RĂ¼nno Lahesoo. Fotode kasutamiseks kirjutage palun