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Three Kingdoms

| video |

Three Kingdoms is a journey to unilluminated places in the consciousness and in Europe. It is a stage production that begins where everyone would like to arrive at and ends at what we are all afraid of. Languages, ways of looking at the world, good and bad, meaningful and meaningless, pictures, voices, and also different theatrical cultures intertwine here. A play written for this stage production by British playwright Simon Stephens. Sebastian Nübling, one of Germany’s most acclaimed directors – a man who is not afraid to seek. Estonian art director Ene-Liis Semper. German music designer Lars Wittershagen. And actors. Actors from NO99. Actors from Münchner Kammerspiele. And actors from London. Three Kingdoms is all of them.
The future of Europe and European ideals has been talked about a great deal over the past few decades. People have tried to answer the question, “Is there anything uniquely quintessential about European ideals – something that we cannot find anywhere else?” Naturally, this question has been answered the way people seeking the essence of nationality have been answered – there is nothing quintessential about those ideals, there is only history. And the history of European ideals is European ideals itself: it is the history of humanity, empathy and humanism. Yet it is only history. The stratum of civilisation has worn thin. The boundary separating the human from the raging savage has diminished to where it is almost nonexistent. As we go to bed in the evening in our two-room apartment, we hear our neighbour’s howling and the scratching of fingernails on plaster on the other side of the wall. It won’t be long now. A week or two. Then the wall will come down. The illusion of us as significant beings will collapse.

Three Kingdoms is a thriller in terms of genre – a crime story where the action revolves around tracking the traces of a crime. There are some detectives. There are many strange characters from the dark side of life. And there are characters who operate somewhere in between those two worlds. The story unfolds through ironclad logic and clearly defined characters, yet everything nevertheless becomes ever more contradictory. There is always a closed door behind an open door. Many characters are actually only one – and vice versa. People go from one place to another, from one atmosphere to another, yet at some point, they start overlapping, blending in, reflecting. One can no longer be certain of anything. Yet a solution has to be found nevertheless.

Three Kingdoms

Author Simon Stephens
Director Sebastian Nübling
Art Director Ene-Liis Semper
Music Designer Lars Wittershagen
Lighting Designer Stephan Mariani

Cast: Risto Kübar, Rupert Simonian, Ferdy Roberts, Nick Tennant, Gert
Raudsep, Jaak Prints, Cigdem Teke, Sergo Vares, Mirtel Pohla, Lasse Myhr,
Steven Scharf, Rasmus Kaljujärv, Tambet Tuisk

Producers: NO99 Theatre, Münchner Kammerspiele and Lyric Hammersmith
(World Stage Festival)

Premiere in Tallinn at NO99 Theatre on 17 September (München: 15.Oktober 2011, London: Mai 2012).
NB! Only 15 performances will be held in Estonia!

Performances in Munich in October and November of 2011 and in the spring of 2012.
Performances in London in May of 2012 within the framework of the World Stage Festival.

Photos: Ene-Liis Semper