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Lenni & Kizoo


There are situations where an actor’s partner on stage is an object, not another actor of flesh and blood from his imagination. You could say “prop” but that says little about the unlimited possibilities of object theatre. When an actor meets an object for the first time, there is something amazing in it. The story is altogether different when an object is acted with. Energy moves entirely differently. When acting with an inanimate object, the actor has to put forth twice the effort than when sharing the stage with a living partner – this partner here has no pulse, eyes or sparkle and does not breathe. But ultimately that object comes to life and acts in response, and then all of it together is insanely beautiful, funny and strange. Objects surprise. How fascinated we became at that rehearsal when we realised that a balloon has a soul and breathes, and that you can draw the whole universe with a wooden stick.

Ringo Ringvee’s story Lenni is about what it feels like to be. How to understand where you end and the world begins, how to understand what you are in the first place. What do you have to do and say so that others will manage with your existence? Martin Pedanik’s Kizoo dolls help to give Lenni a body.
Lenni is an object play for grown-ups that turns everything upside down.
It is terribly funny and quite terrible.

Author of text Ringo Ringvee
Director Anne Türnpu
Art Director Martin Pedanik
Music Lauri Kaldoja
Sounds Hendrik Kaljujärv
Dramaturg Andra Teede

Cast Jaanika Arum, Marian Heinat, Linda Kolde, Veiko Porkanen, Jarmo Reha, Reimo Sagor

Premiere June 4 2014 at Theatre NO99

Photos: Veiko Tubin